1. Estimo

      Estimo is an unusual, yet elegant type family of three styles in five weights. Originally developed as upper-case-only family, Estimo was...
  2. FM Bolyar

      Elegant. Majestic. Versatile. Bolyar typeface by The Fontmaker – a sophisticated design, fusing the best from capitalis quadratta and copperplate gothic,...
  3. Gaytan Sans & Serif

      Gaytan (Bulgarian for braid) is a fresh new insight on archaic letterforms. A family of two unicase typefaces – a modernlooking...
  4. Callista

      Callista (from the Greek for “most beautiful”) is a fat cursive typeface, inspired by the works of François Boltana in the...
  5. FM Clog Family

      Designed by Jordan Jelev (The Labelmaker) and Vassil Kateliev (Karandash – Type and Graphic Foundry) the font family is represented by...


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